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The Licensing Letter SourcebookThe Licensing Letter Sourcebook
The must-have reference for consumer products licensing executives, The Licensing Letter Sourcebook provides instant access to almost 4,500 licensing decision-makers worldwide, representing over 13,000 properties. . . . more >

International Licensing: A Status ReportInternational Licensing: A Status Report
From global trends to regional licensing activity within various property types and product categories, you'll discover hard-to-find facts and figures on the international licensing business. . . . more >

Royalty Trends ReportRoyalty Trends Report
This exclusive report gives you an extensive look at trends for royalties, guarantees and advances for every property type and product category, including analysis of the key business factors that affect them. . . . more >

Sports Licensing ReportSports Licensing Report
Comprehensive analysis of $22.2 billion worldwide sports and collegiate licensing business. . . . more >

Licensing Business DatabookLicensing Business Databook
Now you can have all the critical licensing business numbers you need at your fingertips with this one-of-a-kind resource. . . . more >

[TLL] As YouTube Celebrities Gain Influence over Teens, Their Licensing Clout Is Bound to Grow
YouTube stars continue to gain influence over U.S. teens . . .
more >
[TLL] From "Billy Beer" to "Duff's": Licensed Beer Branding Comes of Age
Sales of food and beverage products based on licensed properties in the U.S. and Canada grew . . .
more >
[TLL] Lego Robotic Arm Takes Build-Your-Own Toys to the Next Level
The trend is to make dynamic and adaptable toys that kids can . . .
more >
[TLL] Celebrity-Licensed Perfumes Seek to Reinvigorate Slumping Market
The past 12 months have been less than sweet smelling for sales of celebrity-licensed fragrances . . .
more >
[TLL] TLL Survey: Fashion Licensing Grows 3.4% in 2014; Apparel, Accessories Strong, E-Commerce Inches Up
The competition is brutal but fashion licensing continues to thrive both worldwide and in . . .
more >
[TLL] Licensing to Theme Parks Builds Revenue & Brand Exposure
One of the editors of The Licensing Letter was recently at a party on the Universal Studios backlot when . . .
more >
[TLL] New Era/MLB Player Embroidery Deal
The Major League Baseball Players Association extended its licensing agreement with . . .
more >
[TLL] Licensed Properties Steer Touring Shows
Experiential licensing is not limited to theme parks . . .
more >
[TLL] TLL Survey: Corporate Licensing Up 2% in 2014; Food/Beverage, Restaurant & Automotive Brands Lead the Way
At $26.8 billion, corporate trademarks and brands accounted for 27% of all retail licensed sales in the . . .
more >
[TLL] Coming Video Games More Original; Sequels & New IP Ripe for Licensing
The video game industry, like the movie business, relies heavily on sequels and . . .
more >
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[TLLDA] Poll Says Dug From 'Up' is Entertainment's Top Dog
By Marcy Magiera

Scooby-Doo and Snoopy followed in the . . .
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[TLLDA] Disney Rallies Fans for Properties in Licensing Pipeline
By Marcy Magiera

Disney used its D23 fan expo to deliver updates on . . .
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[TLLDA] Mattel Turns to Crowdsourcing for American Girl Rollout
By Glenn S. Demby, Esq.

Mattel's two newest American Girl period dolls . . .
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[TLLDA] The Force is Flowing to Disney Theme Parks
By Marcy Magiera
Star Wars theme park attractions can provide a long-term flow of . . .
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[TLLDA] Patrick Kane & the Need for "Morals Clauses" in Celebrity Licenses
By Glenn S. Demby, Esq.
Celebrities can turn radioactive in the blink of an eye . . .
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