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The Licensing Letter SourcebookThe Licensing Letter Sourcebook
The must-have reference for consumer products licensing executives, The Licensing Letter Sourcebook provides instant access to almost 4,500 licensing decision-makers worldwide, representing over 13,000 properties. . . . more >

International Licensing: A Status ReportInternational Licensing: A Status Report
From global trends to regional licensing activity within various property types and product categories, you'll discover hard-to-find facts and figures on the international licensing business. . . . more >

Royalty Trends ReportRoyalty Trends Report
This exclusive report gives you an extensive look at trends for royalties, guarantees and advances for every property type and product category, including analysis of the key business factors that affect them. . . . more >

Sports Licensing ReportSports Licensing Report
Comprehensive analysis of $22.2 billion worldwide sports and collegiate licensing business. . . . more >

Licensing Business DatabookLicensing Business Databook
Now you can have all the critical licensing business numbers you need at your fingertips with this one-of-a-kind resource. . . . more >

[TLL] Average Royalty Rates in U.S. & Canada Steady for Decade; Entertainment Fees Climb, Guarantees & Advances Flat
Royalties on licensed retail goods in U.S. and Canada in 2014 represented the picture of longterm stability . . .
more >
[TLL] Online & Value Channels Grow Share of Licensed Product Sales
Sales of licensed retail products in the e-commerce channel accelerated in 2014, while most other . . .
more >
[TLL] Mass Retail Fashion Licensing Targets Men
Very quietly and with little fanfare, mass retailer Target launched Target Collective, a curated collection of . . .
more >
[TLL] Single-Serving Products Make Coffee Rich Ground for Licensing
Two decades ago, Keurig Green Mountain introduced the world to its patented K-cup single brewing system . . .
more >
[TLL] Retail Sales of Licensed Goods in U.S./Canada Grow 2.5% in 2014: Entertainment, Sports, Food Make Biggest Gains
Retail sales of licensed goods in the U.S. and Canada reached $99.9 billion in 2014, according to . . .
more >
[TLL] "Cinderella" Tie-In Campaigns Targets Women of All Generations
Women apparently never outgrow the desire to feel like a princess . . .
more >
[TLL] Licensing of Entertainment Properties for Virtual Reality Products
Hollywood is getting into virtual reality. VR was all the rage at the Sundance Film Festival in January . . .
more >
[TLL] Toy Fair 2015: New Toys Promote Engagement and Smart Play; Big Licensors Dominate the Licensing Action
The static, one-size-fits-all toy of the past won't do; today's toys need to be dynamic, adaptable, and suitable for creative play . . .
more >
[TLL] The 4 Toy Licensing Blockbuster Movies to Watch in 2015
"Frozen" was a licenser's dream and a big reason that U.S. retail licensed toys sales grew 7% in 2014 . . .
more >
[TLL] Streaming of TV Content & Its Implications for Consumer Licensing
TV has and will continue to have a dramatic effect on consumer licensing . . .
more >
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[TLLDA] In May, the Fourth is with Star Wars Licensees, Retailers
By Marcy Magiera
Call us culturally clueless, but while May the 4th has apparently been known as "Star Wars Day" since . . .
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[TLLDA] 2015 NFL Draft: Draftee Endorsement Deals
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QBs Jameis Winston and Marcus Mariota are expected to go 1-2, in tonight's first round of the NFL draft . . .
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Is This Costume…    …a Ripoff of This Costume? . . .
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[TLLDA] Men have a nose for heavier scents
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New research from The NPD Group shows a shift in Americans' fragrance preferences, with women gravitating toward lighter fragrance . . .
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[TLLDA] Smartphone Market Expands to Older, Less Affluent Americans
By Marcy Magiera
As U.S mobile phones sales transition to predominately smartphones, buyers have become significantly . . .
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