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Entertainment Marketing Trends, Deals & Data

As entertainment-linked promotions become more widely used, it's critical for marketers to understand why some succeed and others are all-out disasters. After all, you wouldn't remake a movie that bombed. So why risk recreating a promotion that flopped the first time?

EPM's Entertainment Marketing products take you behind the scenes with the world's most successful entertainment marketers. Whether through our strategy-filled twice-monthly newsletter, contact-loaded annual directory or networking-packed annual conference . . . you'll find the information and people you need to succeed.

Media Use Across Platforms
Media Use Across PlatformsThis report draws data from more than 20 sources to document the increasing consumer adoption of Internet-connected devices.   more >

Books & Readers, eBooks & eReaders
Books & Readers, eBooks & eReaders   more >

Content Licensing Network Audioconference: Audio/Visual Material For Multimedia Packages
   more >

Partnership Marketing Brand, Media & Entertainment Directory
Partnership Marketing Brand, Media & Entertainment DirectoryFind contact information for 3300 top level marketing executives across brand, entertainment, media companies, and more. Email addresses for 99% of listings, plus phone numbers and addresses.   more >

The Market For Apps & E-properties
The Market For Apps & E-propertiesThe Market For Apps & E-properties demonstrates how, why, and when to add apps, social media, virtual worlds, mobile content, and other digital properties to your marketing and licensing mix.   more >