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All About Women Consumers

All About Women Consumers

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The 161 million women in the United States constitute 51% of the population and wield $7 trillion in spending power. In 2014, women are better educated (57% of college students are women), more ambitious, and, increasingly, more successful than men on many levels. In fact, in an odd reversal, men now complain that they don't get the credit they deserve for the parenting and housework they do!

All About Women Consumers delivers a wealth of data about every aspect of women's lives, from shopping to media use, beauty regimens to automotive preferences, sex and relationships to finance. Women are individuals, each having their own desires, demands, and preferences. Combine women's numbers, purchasing power and distinct personalities with social media, and it's clear they're influencing an increasingly wide network of family and friends.

All About Women Consumers gives you the numbers, analysis, and insight you need to successfully:

  • Extend your marketing reach by learning the best ways to connect with women - which screens they watch, which social media they use, who influences them, and which marketing tactics they prefer.
  • Pinpoint the data you need to build your case for new buyers, vendors, and investors.
  • Integrate the findings reported from hundreds of sources into your proposals, reports, and presentations. And use the complete contact information provided so you can instantly dig deeper.
  • Detect consumer trends in apparel, health/beauty, finance, media, retail or any of more than two dozen categories that are likely to impact the way you do business in the coming months and years.
  • Track changes in consumer lifestyles to bolster your new product development efforts.
  • Identify the companies you want to partner with for your marketing to women campaigns - and find the key marketing contacts at those firms.

Twenty chapters and a full index make it easy to pinpoint the data, analysis, and insight you need to learn All About Women Consumers.

A separate section on promotions reports on 58 marketing tie-ins, organized by sector and reflecting the women's marketing campaigns at companies such as Tupperware, Kimberly-Clark, Disney, David's Bridal, Colgate-Palmolive, Mattel, Gap, Jamba Juice, Procter & Gamble, Coca-Cola, and many others.

All About Women Consumers tracks women's shopping behavior, interests, and media use. You receive detailed, authoritative demographic and psychographic data about every aspect of their lives. And, through cogent analysis of the statistics, and original reporting on many industry segments, you'll discover the best strategies for effectively marketing to women.

Order your copy of All About Women Consumers today and boost your share of this $7 trillion market.

Give everyone in your company access to this report through a Multi-User PDF. A Multi-User PDF can be shared with every employee at your company in all locations (it may not be distributed outside of your company, or through membership organizations).

Published February 2014, 143 pages including 115 charts, tables, and graphs. Includes an extensive 8-page index.

Site licenses are available for those who wish to share EPM publications with their colleagues. Please contact Randy Cochran, VP Business Development, at rcochran@epmcom.com or 212-941-1633 x18, for details.

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