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Licensing Business Handbook

Licensing Business Handbook

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The all-new eighth edition of The Licensing Business Handbook is a comprehensive business guide for property owners, manufacturers and agents. Whether you're new to licensing or a 20 year veteran, the revised 8th edition of The Licensing Business Handbook gives you all the tools you need to implement a successful and profitable licensing program.

"The definitive text on the licensing business. A must-read for newcomers or the most seasoned professionals" — Gary Caplan, President, Gary Caplan, Inc.

Detailing the entire licensing process, The Handbook helps you generate new revenue streams and build new profit centers with a minimum of investment.

Used by major companies, universities, and entrepreneurs, this well-organized guide shows you how to make money through licensed characters, teams, logos, trademarks, celebrities, events, fashion labels, likenesses and designs.

Among the questions The Handbook answers are:


  • How do I protect my properties?
  • How do I sell my property to manufacturers and retailers?
  • How can I use licensing to extend my product lines with relatively low risk?
  • How can I maintain control over my properties?
  • How do I acquire properties to fit my goals?


  • How can I bring an existing customer base to my product line?
  • How can I minimize licensing risks?
  • How can I expand my consumer base without creating an in-house brand?
  • How do I identify and acquire properties that fit my goals?


  • What are fair royalty, advance and guarantee arrangements?
  • What points should be included in a licensing contract?
  • What are the components of an effective licensed promotion?
  • How do I create a powerful licensing strategy?
  • How do I identify and prioritize objectives for my licensing program?
  • How do I extend product lines with minimal investment?

Inside the new 8th edition you'll find:

  • Added coverage of the changing retail landscape, including direct-to-retail deals, retail exclusives, and alternative retail channels.
  • More information on "non-traditional" licensing categories including experiential licensing, content licensing, promotional licensing, and more.
  • Details on alternative deal structures.
  • Expanded discussion of the increasingly global nature of the licensing business.
  • More on the growing role of digital technology as it relates to product categories, property types, e-commerce, and business operations.

The Handbook is a step-by-step guide to creating your own blueprint for licensing success, based on 20+ years of interviews with licensing executives all across the business as part of our coverage for The Licensing Letter. Whether you're a licensee, licensor, agent, retailer, or allied service provider, and whether you're in art, corporate, fashion, sports, entertainment, non-profit or any other sector, this is the reference tool you'll turn to again and again for guidance in structuring win-win licensing programs.

The Handbook is also widely used as a textbook at New York University, the Fashion Institute of Technology, Ohio University, Quinnipiac University Law School, University of Oregon, and schools in Taiwan, England, Canada, and around the world. From the major Hollywood studios to non-profits, CPG brands to advertising agencies, law firms to artists, manufacturers to private equity firms, The Licensing Business Handbook is the one guide you need to plot strategy for your successful licensing career and program.


The Licensing Business Handbook is written by Karen Raugust, Special Projects Editor for The Licensing Letter, the most trusted voice in the licensing business. Now in its eighth edition, The Handbook is the standard manual licensing companies use to train new hires, to give to vendors and others new to licensing, to educate non-licensing senior management, and as a reference tool for experienced licensing executives in every sector.

Eighth edition published June 2012, 268 pages.

Site licenses are available for those who wish to share TLL publications with their colleagues. Please contact Randy Cochran, Director Business Development, at randy@plainlanguagemedia.com or (201) 747-3737, for details.

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