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Youth Markets Alert

Youth Markets Alert

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Use the statistics, reports, and insight in Youth Markets Alert (YMA) to get a handle on what American kids will be thinking about next and how you can capture their attention.

Youth Markets Alert is an exclusive intelligence source on the children's, tween and teen markets. America's youth have enormous spending power — and substantial influence on the buying decisions of their parents, grandparents, and siblings.

YMA is your inside track on the latest news, trends and statistics on what kids are thinking, buying, watching, eating, wearing, recycling, driving. What they're listening to, playing with, afraid of, looking forward to. How they're staying fit, grooming themselves. Their views on sex, families, what's hot — and what's not.

Youth Markets Alert:

  • Reveals the most effective ways to reach pre-schoolers (and their parents and grandparents), tweens, teens and college kids — strategies and tactics you'll apply to your marketing and product development efforts;
  • Uncovers the latest trends in youth marketing so you can keep pace with fast-changing tastes;
  • Arms you with critical demographic and psychographic research so you understand the youth profile from every angle;
  • Presents case studies of who's doing what so you can "steal" from the best and avoid unnecessary pitfalls; and
  • Provides scores of contacts so you can follow-up with sources and deal-makers.

With the twice-monthly PDF of YMA delivered right to your inbox, you get curated abstracts on youth spending, behavior and attitudes — the data you need to bolster reports to senior management and to support new business proposals.

Industry sector surveys (fast food, entertainment, beverage, packaged goods) show you the strategies used by brand marketers, entertainment companies, retailers and others to target today's kids — strategies you'll incorporate into your advertising and promotions to boost sales and extend your reach.

YMA visits America's malls to report directly on what kids are saying and buying, so you keep ahead of the competition in your own business — and ahead of others competing for kids' dollars and attention!

Let Youth Markets Alert be your guide to success in this ever-changing market.

Subscribers receive:

  • 24 PDF issues per year
  • FREE registration to the online YMA Articles Archives
  • Access to our editors and analysts
  • Discounts on all EPM reports, directories and events

24 issues/year, Single-User PDF: $447 ($37.25 per month)

For information about group subscriptions and monthly payment options, please call 1-212-941-0099.


Youth Markets Alert subscribers have exclusive full access to the latest business intelligence on today's kids:

[YMA] Play Patterns Are Key to Parents' Holiday Shopping; Teens Want New Game Consoles, Smartphones
11/15/2013 Nearly three in 10 parents (29%) say that the last time their children asked them for money, it was for toys, according to C+R Research. Toys and games are essential factors in chil . . . more >
[YMA] Kids Love Their Tech Gadgets but Fight With Parents Over Time Using Them
11/15/2013 Children, on average, start to play games on smartphones and mobile devices at age eight, down from 2011, when kids typically starting playing on these devices at age 11, according . . . more >
[YMA] Children's Media Time Drops to Less Than Two Hours a Day
11/15/2013 Children under age nine spend 12 minutes less per day watching TV, nine minutes less watching DVDs, six minutes less using a computer, and four minutes less playing video games in 2 . . . more >
[YMA] Family Go-To Dinners Are Chicken and Spaghetti
11/15/2013 Almost nine in 10 families with school children (88%) prepare "go-to" meals, such as spaghetti, chicken, and tacos, at least once or twice a week, according to Stop & Shop Super . . . more >
[YMA] 36% of Millennials Live With Parents
11/15/2013 Some 21.6 million millennials ages 18-31 live at home with their parents. And only 10% pay rent, according to Securian Financial Group. Almost one in 10 say their parents ask for no . . . more >
[YMA] Teens Spend More on Fashion, Less on Media
11/15/2013 Teens are readjusting their spending habits, according to Piper Jaffray. The percentage of teens who spend money on fashion and electronics has increased between 2012 and 2013, whil . . . more >
[YMA] 18-to-24-Year-Olds Embrace Tech-Savvy Automobiles
11/15/2013 Almost one in two 18-to-24-year-olds (46%) and 52% of 25-to-34-year-olds say they love new auto technology but say these enhancements seem too expensive, according to GfK MRI. . . . more >
[YMA] Teens, Young Adults Blur Gender Lines
11/15/2013 Six in 10 teens and young adults say that gender lines have been blurred, according to the Intelligence Group's "The Cassandra Report." Two in three say their generation is pushing . . . more >
[YMA] Teens Express Uncertainty Over Their Money Management Expertise
11/15/2013 One in two teens (49%) say they are "pretty clueless" about money management, according to the TCF Financial Corp. Three percent say they "know everything" about money management./ . . . more >
[YMA] U.S. Spending Habits and Behaviors, Based on Child's Age
11/1/2013 Children, unsurprisingly, are expensive. And there are lots of them. There are nearly twice as many U.S. households whose oldest children are between ages six and 17 than there are t . . . more >
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