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Marketing To Women

Marketing To Women

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Develop Relevant Marketing Strategies

Secure your position in the women’s market with this monthly executive briefing filled with topline findings from the latest primary consumer research; reports on the most innovative promotion and marketing campaigns; and analysis of burgeoning marketing-to-women trends.

Each issue reveals:

  • What women buy — and why
  • Where they shop — and what's behind their preferences
  • How they spend their time at home — and on the job
  • Demographic and lifestyle analyses — broken down by age, region and other factors.
  • Who the key marketers are — and how to reach them.

12 issues/year $357

For information about group subscriptions, please call 1-212-941-0099.

Marketing To Women subscribers have exclusive full access to the latest business intelligence on all segments of the women's market:

[MTW] Affluent Women's Purchases and Influences Are Guided by Life Stage, Not Gender
11/1/13 Wealthy people are different from the average American, particularly because they have more money and are willing to spend it, according to the Shullman Research Center. Four in 10 wom . . . more >
[MTW] Moms Show Their Love for Crayola, Disney, and Hershey's
11/1/13 Moms loved them as children, and now, as mothers themselves, they still cherish iconic kids' brands such as Crayola, Disney Channel, and LEGO, according to marketing agency Smarty Pant . . . more >
[MTW] Women Favor High-End Luxury Brands
11/1/13 Chanel and Armani bump Ralph Lauren as women's favorite fashion brands, according to Brand Keys brand consulting agency. Three in 10 consumers (30%) say brand name and logo are importa . . . more >
[MTW] Women Feel Ugliest on Monday
11/1/13 Women say they feel least attractive on Monday (46%) and Sunday (39%), according to media planning agency PHD, a division of Omnicom Media Group. Thursday is the day of the week when w . . . more >
[MTW] Black Women Embrace Natural Hair Trends
11/1/13 Seven in 10 black women (70%) say they currently wear or have worn their hair natural, without relaxer or perm, in the past 12 months, according to Mintel. More than half have worn bra . . . more >
[MTW] Women Are More Stressed Over Skin Flaws Than Hair Woes
11/1/13 Women are more likely to cite skin issues as their biggest beauty challenge (32%) rather than controlling their hair (27%), sticking to a beauty routine (24%), or counteracting a crazy . . . more >
[MTW] Women Fret Over Acne, Under-Eye Circles
11/1/13 Women's biggest complexion concerns are acne (20%), under-eye circles (16%), and dark spots (15%), according to Marie Claire magazine. And smeared eye makeup (25%), chipped nail polish . . . more >
[MTW] Women Need to Be Nonsmoking Good Moms
11/1/13 Sexism still exists, according to Vanity Fair and CBS News. Few adults are comfortable with having a female boss. In general, adults are most comfortable with having a female . . . more >
[MTW] Boomer Women, Men Differ on What They Are Willing to Sacrifice for Their Parents
11/1/13 Boomer women are more likely than boomer men to say they would sacrifice their day-to-day lifestyle to support their parents financially (60% vs. 51%), according to More magaz . . . more >
[MTW] Affluent Professional Women Think They Need $1.5 Million for Retirement
11/1/13 Nearly half of working women ages 40-69 with $145,000 in household income say they earn about the same (20%) or more (24%) than their spouses, according to Wells Fargo. While 40% have . . . more >
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