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About The Licensing Letter.

The Licensing Letter (TLL) is published by Plain Language Media. PLM publishes newsletters, research studies and directories which focus on management, marketing, consumer and retail trends. The company also produces conferences, seminars and webinars.

The TLL staff has many years of expertise across key subject areas critical to the media, marketing and advertising communities: Entertainment Marketing, Licensing & Merchandising, Targeted Marketing and Consumer Trends.

A Brief History of TLL

TLL was founded in 1988 by Ira Mayer and his wife and partner, Riva Bennett.

For 20 years prior to founding the company, Ira's night job was as a rock critic. By day, he wrote about the business of entertainment for newspapers, magazines and research organizations. Beginning in the 1980s, he established a prominent reputation as an entertainment industry and media analyst. Riva, who at the time sold research services for LINK Resources, a new media think tank, was selling some of the research Ira was writing.

After attending several sports and event marketing conferences, Ira and Riva realized no one was covering the entertainment industry purely from the marketing perspective, and that if he could write it and she could sell it well, that's what they should do!

Armed with a Rolodex of about 2000 fax numbers, Riva and Ira took two hour shifts starting at 7 p.m. on a Friday night, and throughout the weekend when the rates were low, they faxed a one–page letter describing a new newsletter they were launching –– EPM Report (for Entertainment, Promotion & Marketing).

Monday morning they had three orders in the fax machine in their then–home office. They looked at each other and, like Judy Garland and Mickey Rooney (they wish), decided they better launch a newsletter!

While the company retained the EPM monicker, EPM Report morphed into Entertainment Marketing Letter, the better for people to know what the newsletter was about.

After a year publishing Entertainment Marketing Letter, one subscriber asked Ira to gather all those contacts and put them in alphabetical order, which he did. Realizing there were plenty of other great entertainment marketing contacts beyond those that could be reported, the fledgling company compiled the first "Entertainment Marketing Sourcebook" –– an ambitious directory for a business that until then didn't know it was a community.

Another subscriber said, "It's great that you list all those contacts –– but I need to MEET those people." And so the EPM Entertainment Marketing Conference was born. As the company expanded, and its reputation grew, EPM was approached about acquiring other publications, and added a number of them to its product catalog.

Plain Language Media purchased EPM and TLL from Business Valuation Resources in 2014.

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