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MEM Datafile

Free from the publisher of Research Alert, MEM Datafile is a monthly tip sheet on the latest research about Black, Hispanic and Asian American consumers.

Research Alert Editor Lisa Finn reviews scores of research studies each month, and culls five of the most pertinent facts to share with e-letter subscribers.

Of course, we hope the quick databursts in this e-letter will whet your appetite for EPM's twice-monthly newsletter Research Alert — providing news, research and case studies on consumer, behavior, spending, attitudes and demographics.

To sign-up for MEM Datafile: go to the EPM E-Letter box on the right, click the box next to the Datafile(s) you want to receive and enter your first name, last name and email address.

In the meantime, use the snapshots below of emerging majority markets to help your marketers and salespeople reach out to existing and new clients, build your case for internal resources, and fine-tune new business proposals:

Online Ads Drive Hispanic Market To Retail
02-2-11 36% of Hispanics, compared to 24% of non-Hispanics, say that an online ad has driven them to visit a ret . . . more >
Blacks Say Professional Football Is Their Favorite Sport
02-02-11 45% of Blacks say professional football is their favorite sport, the highest proportion of any racial/e . . . more >
Blacks Spent $6.1 billion On Consumer Electronics In 2009
02-02-11 Blacks spent $6.1 billion on consumer electronics in 2009 — the most recent year for which data a . . . more >
Black travelers Include Activities That Teach Their Children About Black History
02-02-11 46% of Black travelers say it is important for their leisure trips to include activities that teach the . . . more >
Mobile Phone Advertisement Recall
02-02-11 41% of Blacks, 36% of Asians and Whites, and 34% of Hispanics recall seeing an advertisement on their m . . . more >
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