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Cross-platform, multi-media, transmedia, branded entertainment. Call it what you will, the name of the game for media and entertainment properties is licensing content from one medium to another. Movies to videogames, TV shows to apps, books to film, and so on. EPM offers a range of publications to help you track properties and understand how consumers engage with and use new media.

Always On: Trends In Digital Media Use
Always On: Trends In Digital Media Use The degree to which online and mobile technologies have changed Americans' daily lives is just beginning to be understood. As the U.S. population moves toward universal adoption of Internet and mobile, our connections to other people, to information, and to companies and products are transforming. . . . more >
Partnership Marketing Brand, Media & Entertainment Directory
Partnership Marketing Brand, Media & Entertainment Directory Find contact information for more than 3300 top-level marketing executives across brand, entertainment, and media companies, and more. Email addresses for 99% of listings, along with phone numbers and addresses. PLUS, LinkedIn links for 85% in the spreadsheet edition. . . . more >
Books & Readers, eBooks & eReaders
Books & Readers, eBooks & eReaders With eReader ownership approaching 20% of U.S. Internet users, opportunities -- and implications -- abound for content licensors across all entertainment and media segments. . . . more >
Media Use Across Platforms
Media Use Across Platforms This report draws data from more than 20 sources to document the increasing consumer adoption of Internet-connected devices. . . . more >
How Americans Use Social Media
How Americans Use Social Media Almost half of Americans visit a social network on any given day. Clearly Facebook isn't flaming out and Twitter isn't just a fad. The all-new 2012 edition of "How Americans Use Social Media" reveals what consumers are doing, looking for, and getting out of the time they spend on social media. . . . more >
Content Licensing Network Audioconference: Audio/Visual Material For Multimedia Packages
The Content Licensing Network presents New York Times best-selling author/multimedia producer Joe Garner discussing the print, video, and audio rights he has secured for books including "100 Yards Of Glory" about the NFL; "Stay Tuned: Television's Unforgettable Moments;" and "And The Crowd Goes Wild," featuring Bob Costas, who also hosts the one-hour video accompanying "100 Yards Of Glory". . . . more >
Teen Media Use
Teen Media Use Analyzes research from 27 primary sources to provide you with the ultimate guide to which media teens rely on, how they use those media, and how media influence their spending and behavior. . . . more >
The Market For Apps & E-properties
The Market For Apps & E-properties The Market For Apps & E-properties demonstrates how, why, and when to add apps, social media, virtual worlds, mobile content, and other digital properties to your marketing and licensing mix. . . . more >
Directory of Sources for Consumer Research
Directory of Sources for Consumer Research This must-have reference provides instant access to 1600 independent, government, non-profit, and other organizations that publish research on consumer behavior and attitudes. The listings are indexed into 85 subject areas so you can instantly locate the sources you need for research about consumers. . . . more >
The Entertainment, Media & Advertising Market Research Handbook, 2013 Edition
The Entertainment, Media & Advertising Market Research Handbook, 2013 Edition This 362-page user-friendly resource compiles top-line data into a single easy-to-use reference, as well as providing discussions on market trends, guidelines for demographic-focused advertising, and over 700 website links to additional resources. . . . more >
Profiles Of The U.S. Simultaneous Media User
Profiles Of The U.S. Simultaneous Media User Discover how simultaneous media use feeds consumer interest in a subject, and how it deepens their level of engagement. . . . more >
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[TLLDA] Comic Book & Graphic Novel Sales Reach 20-Year High
By Glenn Demby
As newspapers and magazines struggle to survive, comic books and graphic novels thrive . . .
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[TLLDA] Trump Comments Tank Licensing
By Marcy Magiera
Macy's on Wednesday dropped the licensed Donald Trump menswear line that it's carried for more than . . .
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[TLLDA] Ellen DeGeneres Debuts Lifestyle Site
By Marcy Magiera
Move over Gwyneth, Blake and Reese. Ellen's in the lifestyle biz . . .
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[TLLDA] Disney Restructuring Combines Digital & Traditional Games into One Unit
By Glenn Demby
Video games may be the closest thing mighty Disney has to an achilles' heel . . .
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[TLLDA] TLL Global Licensing Survey: Japan's Resurgence Drives 3.1% Growth in Asia
By Glenn Demby
Retail sales of licensed goods in Asia reached $19.4 billion in 2014 . . .
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