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Journalist, media and business analyst, and one-time rock and roll critic (his "night job" from 1970-1990), Ira Mayer presents his unique perspective on the latest social, business, and cultural trends in MayerOnMarketing.

Monday, Dec 05, 2011
Angry Birds Mark Advent
By Ira Mayer
Monday, Dec 05, 2011 09:22
In 30+ years writing about marketing, I don't ever recall a marketing campaign built around Advent (let alone spelling it lower case). But here's a release from Rovio (Angry Birds) and Samsung. I guess Christmas isn't commercialized enough...

The Holidays are Here and the Angry Birds are Celebrating!

LONDON, December 5, 2011/PRNewswire/ --

Rovio and Samsung Team up to Give Fans Special Holiday Treats

SQUAWK! Those loveable Angry Birds and the pesky pigs are celebrating the season with fantastic new levels for Chrome! Angry Birds fans can enjoy 25 levels of Winter Wonderland fun, as well as a special advent challenge on December 5th, courtesy of Samsung and Rovio.

Upon playing the December 5th level of the Chrome holiday game, fans will be invited into a new microsite experience. They can check out the Angry Birds advent challenge, participate in a competition to win Samsung Galaxy mobile devices, watch a funny new video, and send Angry Birds themed holiday e-cards.

"The holiday season is all about giving back and giving thanks, and this year we wanted to thank our millions of fans by giving them some great Angry Birds experiences," said Peter Vesterbacka, CMO and Mighty Eagle of Rovio. "Not only are they receiving 25 new levels in our Advent game, but they're also getting a chance to win the best Samsung products around and participate in a fun advent challenge."

"It's so good to team up with Rovio again. Samsung has had a brilliant year and our Galaxy devices are popular all over the world, so to be able to launch a holiday experience inside the most popular mobile game in the world, is awesome!" said YH Lee, SVP of Global Marketing at Samsung Mobile Communications Business. "To all those Angry Birds fans out there: enjoy yourselves and check out the Galaxy Note for an even better mobile gaming experience!"

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Wednesday, Nov 23, 2011
Market Research Malarkey
By Ira Mayer
Wednesday, Nov 23, 2011 03:04
Here we go again: The Wall Street Journal reports on Interpublic research using sensors that track sweat levels on the skin to measure emotional impact -- the specific study being of Black Friday shoppers who will be wearing special bracelets for the project. Researchers have been trying to mine that territory for decades -- long before the music industry, in the 1980s, used what was then termed galvanic skin response to test singles. Clive Davis was the high profile executive who admitted he tested the system -- but didn't stick with it. As he's proved time and again, nothing beats the right set of ears.

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Thursday, Nov 17, 2011
What's Important Here?
By Ira Mayer
Thursday, Nov 17, 2011 11:28
Re: the launch of Google's iTunes rival, Google Music: "Any new, legitimate place to consumer music is a fantastic antipiracy tool," says Universal Music President of Global Digital Business Rob Wells in the Wall Street Journal. Nothing about the positive experience, just hunkering down.

Billboard will no longer tally "any album that sells for less than $3.49 during the first four weeks of release will not count on our charts. Similarly, any track that sells for less than $0.39 during its first three months of release won't count on our singles charts." Way to go. Let's penalize the smart marketers. Does this mean labels won't count the full price they're paid for those recordings that are used as loss leaders?

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Monday, Oct 03, 2011
Does Baby Really Need This?
By Ira Mayer
Monday, Oct 03, 2011 08:55
Japanese baby product manufacturer Apica has added an "integrated SmartTray™ viewing cradle compatible with most smart phones for baby's enjoyment, allowing parents to entertain their little one with games or educational videos while they stroll" to its Moto Lightweight Travel System stroller. Do we really need to start kids on non-stop video when they're out and about?

On a related note, research we came across suggests the difficulty parents have getting kids to put their seat belts on in the back of the car or mini-van. How about rigging it so the DVD or game player only works when the buckle is fastened? Shouldn't be so hard to do (at least with the ones that are built-in).

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Friday, Sep 16, 2011
Leigh Anne Brodsky Out At Nickelodeon
By Ira Mayer
Friday, Sep 16, 2011 04:06
Leigh Anne Brodsky has left her position as President, Nickelodeon & Viacom Consumer Products, reports The Licensing Letter. This is the second entertainment licensing head to leave a top position in 10 days (Andy Mooney left Disney early last week). Nickelodeon tells us Brodsky will not be replaced. "Property management is going to be integrated into ad sales, marketing and digital, as opposed to continuing with a vertical CP business," the company says. "It's not a combined operation. each part (package goods, retail, publishing, home video, etc.) is going to be integrated into the lines of business as outlined." Brodsky oversaw the licensing and merchandising for MTV Networks International, Comedy Central, Nickelodeon, Nick at Nite, TV Land and Spike TV. Internationally, she co-managed the division with the regional channels. In her company bio (still online), she is credited with building "Nick's consumer products business into the world's largest licensing business based on TV-first properties." She is a past Advertising Age Entertainment Marketer of the Year and was inducted into LIMA's Murray Altchuler Licensing Industry Hall of Fame this past June. Prior to Nick, she worked on such properties as Garfield and Saturday Night Live, among others.

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